What's in the box

This never happens to me, but I woke up abruptly at 4am this morning.

After failing to fall back to sleep, I stumbled out of my bedroom, cutting my knee on my bed frame in the process.

I plopped myself in front of the TV wrapped up in my fuzzy pink heart print robe and two big blankets. I had braided my hair the night before into 3 little braids on each side of my head to create waves, which at this point were frizzy and sticking out at weird angles.

I kept the volume at like a 5 for Bjorn and the neighbor's sake while I watched Dateline and ate Rice Chex cereal with chocolate chips mixed in.

At 4:30am Se7en aired on USA. I could barely hear what Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman were saying, but the whole thing looked dark and crime filled- just the type of show I love. I ended up watching the whole thing and grizzly movie murder is more abrasive in the morning than the evening. I can't say whether the same is true or not for real murder.

All day I have been quoting, "WHAT'S in the BOX?!" despite the fact that I'm 21 years behind and I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon.

I'm sure there are worse ways to spend the hours of 4-7am than watching Se7en, but I think tomorrow morning I'd rather like to sleep.
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What's your favorite crime/thriller movie or TV show?
Show: Criminal minds (+ so many more) Movie: Disturbia (as in before Shia was awful)

What do you do when you can't sleep?


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