Break Down

I had the day off and Bjorn only had one job to do in Tuscon so I decided to join him. We were about an hour into our drive when Bjorn needed to pull over to use the restroom. I was thrilled because the bathroom Bjorn chose was at the information center for Picacho Peak State Park. While he used the facilities, I walked around and got camera happy taking picture after picture of my favorite thing: saguaro cacti.

Bjorn came outside and yelled he would drive the truck over to get me, since I was still taking pictures. I heard the truck start up and then immediately turn off. I looked over to see smoke billowing out of the truck! Now to understand how this moment made both Bjorn and I feel, you need to know that in the last three months we have had TWO cars DIE, right after paying hundreds of dollars to fix them up. The truck we were driving was borrowed from my sister.

I ran over to the truck and Bjorn and I looked at each other shocked. I said to him incredulously, "We're cursed!". Bjorn immediately launched into action, pushing the truck into a parking spot, looking at the engine, crawling underneath the truck. Meanwhile the employees of the information center came outside to see if they could help. They told us there was a auto shop just down the hill from the state park.

So I steered while Bjorn pushed the truck to the peak of the hill, then we coasted straight down into the auto shop. Bjorn and the mechanic did some more looking and diagnosing. They figured out it was a heater valve that busted (... I think, I don't speak car very fluently). Luckily, they both agreed it wasn't a big deal, which had us feeling extremely relieved.

The next step was finding the part we needed for the fix. Bjorn was in the middle of telling me he doubted anyone nearby would have the specific part, when the mechanic said, "They have it, it'll be here by 1:30". We looked at each other in surprise, that was only an hour and a half.

We gathered up our things and looked around. There was the state park behind us, a dairy queen across the road, and an adult boutique a hundred feet away. Guess where we went?

We spent the next hour and a half holding hands, walking around, and eating soft-serve. The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm with a slight breeze, plus the view of Picacho Peak was gorgeous.

After about an hour and forty-five minutes the truck was fixed, we'd just enjoyed a fun date, and were on our way back home. Full and happy, I slept the hour back to Gilbert. This was hands down, the best break down I've ever had.

Have you ever had a good breakdown? What about a bad one? 
I talked about my worst breakdown in this post, where I ended up getting a tick on my rib cage. 

Where would you have gone with your hour and half, the state park, dairy queen, or the adult boutique?


  1. My hubby would probably wanna go the state park, but dairy queen sounds yummy!!! :)

    1. We thought we would visit the state park after getting ice cream and were walking up the hill, when they called and told us it was done!

  2. What an awesome story! You'll remember that day forever :)


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